Buyer’s Calculator

This calculator encompasses all of the other calculators on this site, and allows you, as the buyer, to run various scenarios and see what happens when variables change.

First time home buyer? ?
Purchase price ?
Down payment ?
Down payment percentage ?0.00
Does GST apply? ?
If GST applies, will purchase close before April 1, 2015?
If GST applies, did construction start prior to April 1, 2013?
Interest rate (%) ?
Interest rate type ?
Amortization (years) ?
Monthly strata/maintenance fee
Monthly property tax payments
Purchase price0.00
Gross GST + BC transition tax payable0.00
GST rebate+ 0.00
Net GST + BC transition tax payable0.00
Total purchase price- 0.00
Down payment+ 0.00
Mortgage insurance premium0.00
Total mortgage amount0.00
Monthly mortgage payment0.00
Monthly strata/maintenance fee0.00
Monthly property tax payments0.00
Total monthly payment0.00
Property transfer tax0.00